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MMA250 Portable electric arc welding machines/portable welding machine price/automatic welding

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MMA250 Portable electric arc welding machines/portable welding machine price/automatic welding machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Delivery Time: 10-20 days
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 sets per month


price portable arc automatic welding machine
1.Supply Voltage:AC380V
2.Biggest current:250A
3.Small volume
4.Type:Arc welder

MMA250 Portable cheap price electric arc automatic welding machine

Model:MMA120/158/168/160/200/250/300/320 IGBT/400 IGBT/500 IGBT

Arc Welder Technical Features:

  • 1.It has small volume, light weight, efficient energy-conservation,a portable electric arc welding machines.;
  • 2.It has good capacity of striking arc anti-jamming and well propelling adjustable function;
  • 3.The arc is stable, and the spatter is small;
  • 4.Good welding quality, deep molten pool and high intensity;
  • 5.It will take self-protection when the over-voltage or over-current happens;
  • 6.It can continuously work, its performance is very stable, and it has the function of self-compensation for voltage fluctuation;
  • 7.It is suitable for welding electrode of sorts of acid or alkali.
  • 8.It can sustain fiber electrode to weld from down to up.


Model / ItemMMA250--arc welding machine
Supply Voltage ( V )AC380V±10% 3ph 50/60Hz
Rated Intput Capacity ( KVA )9.4
Rated Output Voltage ( V )30
Output Current Adjustment Range ( A )20-250
No-load Voltage ( V )56
No-load Loss ( W )40
Duty cycle ( % )100% at 200A / 60% at 250A
Efficiency ( % )85
Outer covering protection rankIP21S
Outlook size ( mm )480*205*305
Weight ( kg )15
Suitable Welding Wire ( mm )2.0-4.0
Welding Thickness ( mm )2.0-5.0

Standard accessores:

3M Welding 300A Torch , 2M Earth 300A clamp(these standard parts are optional,if you do not need,we can subtract the relative part's fee from the whole set price.)

Our Service:
1.with1 yearwarranty for this welding machine.

2.The average of our welding machine lasts betweensevenandeightyears.If there were problems in seven days,we replace the new one for you.

MMA Welding Details:

MMA welding (metal arc) does not require shielding gas; protection for the weld pool comes from the electrode cover which melts during welding, and forms a protective layer of slag on the weld pool. When the welding is completed and the layer of slag is removed, the finished weld will be disvocered underneath.

MMA welding is the oldest and still the most commonly used arc welding process, although the proportion of MMA use is decreasing as gas-shiedled welding process is becoming more popular.

MMA welding is, however, an irreplacable method for instace when welding outside in windy conditions where using shiedling gas would be difficult. Another important benefit is that electrodes can be bought everywhere, also in small package.

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