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X-ray NDT Pipeline Crawler

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X-ray NDT Pipeline Crawler

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: RSTAR
Model Number: PCD
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Delivery Time: 10 days
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets

1. pipeline crawler is used in pipeline detect fields widely.

2.Main capability and technical data

2.1 pipeline crawler can run forward, stop, exposure and run backward through controller and receiving antenna.

2.2 Technical data:

⑴ condition temperature:-30℃~70℃;

⑵ condition humidity:<;90%;

⑶ crawl distance:4km(depends on exposure time and diameter and thickness of the pipeline);

⑷ range of the diameter of the pipeline:Φ273~Φ1200mm;

⑸ crawl speed:12~14m/min;

⑹ Max. penetration:35mm(at the center);

⑺ X-ray source:X-ray generator (160kv/200KV/250kv/300Kv);

⑻ exposure time can be adjusted, the precision is 1sec;

⑼ orientation tolerance:±5mm(after modify the run forward and backward tolerance);

⑽ power:9 pieces Lead Acid Battery 110V(10Ah);

⑾ capability of crawl slope:23°in high-point;

⑿ weight:80kg(total);

⒀ dimension:1.6m×0.16m×0.14m(included in X-ray generator);

⒁ turning radius:≥10D;

⒂ There are programmable controller and text display inside which can display the running status of the crawler, inspect the errors in the working process by itself, remind of the operators to dispose in time and ensure the detect work going with a swing.;

⒃ The single wheel driving makes sure the crawler running smoothly. Connection between X-ray generator and trolley makes sure it turning expediently in the pipeline.;

⒄ Constant current and voltage output, dark of the film is uniformity.;

⒅ Set various protect functions: meet water, over-current, over-pressure, lack of voltage and heat of generator. When there is anyone failure, the crawler will run back and display failure information.

3. Components

3.1 Components of model PCD-2000 pipeline crawler:

① Trolley (included motor reducer)

② Lead Acid Battery 110V(10Ah)

③ X-ray generator (160KV//200KV,250KV,300kv)

④ Controller

pipeline crawler parameter

Pipeling diameter320~1200mm159~600mm
Total weight117kg(3 Modules)80kg(3 Modules)
Length of pipleline crawler1680mm1510mm
Crawling speed>12m/min>12m/min
Crawling distance>10km>10km
orientation tolerance±5mm±5mm
capability of crawl slope27°(within the best term )27°((within the best term)
Max. output voltage160kV、200kV、250kV、300kV160kV、200kV
Max.output current3mA3mA
Ray radiative angle360° panoramic radiation360° panoramic radiation
Focus size0.6×3.5mm0.6×3.5mm
Battery capability9 pieces Lead Acid Battery 110V(10Ah)9 pieces Lead Acid Battery 110V(10Ah)
electric power200W running150W running
Exposure time0~9.8min0~9.8min
Prolonged time30s30s
Range of condition humidity-20℃~70℃-20℃~70℃
condition humidity90%90%
Orientation SourceMagnetism localizerMagnetism localizer

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